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Social and behavior change communication

Women Development Corporation and UNICEF have worked together in year 2007-09 on a communication intervention called Behaviour Change Communication Project with the support of network of SHGs spread over 19 districts in the state of Bihar. The objective of this intervention was to capacitate and mobilize SHG Members as community resource persons to lead knowledge enhancement and behaviour change process on child survival, girl education, routine immunization, public sanitation and HIV/AIDS. Further, the SHG members were also imparted skill for Interpersonal Communication (IPC) and group communication so as to disseminate knowledge related to the key behaviours among other community members.

Again, in year 2010-11, with the support of UNICEF a joint partnership with SHG Network by revising the intervention strategy of BCC with a new intervention initiated for Vaishali district only, namly Social &Behaviour Change Communication (SBCC) is under implementation. The objective of this intervention is –

To empower and engage SHGs in a group of selected village and blocks of Vaishali district so that:

  • Families and communities have the basic knowledge to care for and support women during pregnancy, child birth and post partum period (Safe motherhood)
  • Families and community have increased awareness and knowledge on critical practices related to child survival and development (IYCF, immunization, diarrhoea management, early danger signs, hand washing)
  • Caregivers and communities have stated intention to promote girls’ education
  • Youth know the correct behaviours for prevention of HIV
  • Develop a trained cadre within village and SHGs at community level


  • 195 village mobilizers trained
  • 120 Cluster Coordinators capacitated and developed as community cadre
  • 16 SHGs women capacitated as facilitator for Audio/ Visual Show on Child & Community Health issues.
ICDS Bihar